Health Care

The health care sector in Maharashtra is plagued with poor infrastructure, long wait times, high diagnostic costs and extensive travel for treatment. While 68.84% of the Indian population resides in rural areas, only 3% of medical professionals are available in rural areas. Rural poor fall victim to unauthorize and unqualified medical practitioner (quacks) who extract large sums of money for ineffective treatment. Travelling to private hospitals located in urban areas can be both tedious and extremely expensive. In urban areas, quality treatments provided by private practitioners are unaffordable for underprivileged people. Lack of proper medical care makes the underprivileged communities vulnerable to various diseases, affecting their quality of life, as well as their very limited income

We have taken up initiatives and activities to support relief and safety measures in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the pandemic situation of Corona

We have started the Covid Care Center in the Beed with 200 beds, in which we have to focus to provide the facility to corona patient, which is run as per the permission and rules and regulation of Maharashtra Government. For that purpose 3 MD doctors, 12 Medical officers, 25 Para-medical staff was working. In the Covid Care Center for the patient in morning Yoga after that breakfast with tea and medicine as per the Medical officers instructions. In afternoon lunch and at night dinner, which was helpful to recover the health, as well as at 4 O’clock fruits, dry fruits and eggs as per the patient eating habits In this pandemic we have covered the 270 people